After much research and testing the Tablet and Laptop Tag Set (TLTS) has been developed for Tablets and Laptops. This new tag set is a very powerful answer to the many device that humans are using that are generating Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) that are causing our DNA to generate heat shock proteins due to the damage that is being caused by EMFs.
Electromagnetic (EM) and Microwave fields emanating from the blue tooth and Wi-Fi antennas of Tablets and Laptops are believed to cause bio-energy effects to the DNA when they are is in use.

The New Tablet and Laptop Tag Set
When looking at the value this set can bring to the health of your DNA and your life, it is priceless. As well those whom you share your devices with and the benefits it achieves.

The price is for a set of four tags. Teslas Tablet and Laptop Tag Set will be effective for the rest of your life and can be transferred to new devices when you purchase them.

The Teslas Tablet and Laptop Tag Set of 4 comes ready to fit with double sided tape already attached.